Articles on Webometry

Complexity of the WWW
Introduction to webometry, by Ralph Abraham. Develops an idea of Don Foresta regarding the fractal dimension of the WWW into a strategy for imaging the complexity of the Web as a colored two-dimensional image.
Synergy of the WWW
Definition of synergy, with exemplary computation for the UC subweb, by Ralph Abraham. This is another strategy for mapping the complexity of the Web, this time as a connection matrix.
Chronotopography of the WWW
Map of the WWW according to message travel time, by Ralph Abraham and Don Foresta. A third strategy for imaging the Web involving colors applied to an ordinary geographical map of the world.
Chaos theory and space-time patterns
This is the transcript of a short talk given in Prague on 20 November, 1996, on the ideas behind Operation Webwatch.

Revised 26 May 1997 by Ralph Abraham